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Our principal 


Welcome to St Maria Goretti School.  I hope our website gives you an insight into the life of our school and provides you with the information you need as a valued member of our school community. 

My name is Casey Robinson and I have been the Principal at St Maria Goretti Catholic School in Inglewood since 2020.

Our school motto is ‘Let Your Light Shine.’ We ensure that every child that joins our community is supported through their academic, cultural, and sporting achievements, and their wellbeing needs, so that they can shine their light for all to see.

Along with supporting our students to shine, I have a strong passion for growing the people around me. Our staff are deeply committed to the process of evaluating their instructional practice to continuously improve teaching and learning. By doing so, every learner at St Maria Goretti is respected, valued, and supported to progress through the curriculum at their own level of understanding.

Fostering a positive, respectful, and inclusive community is very important to me and I believe that our 5Cs (Cooperation, Commitment, Common-Sense, Courtesy and Care) are a lived experience for staff, students and parents in our school community.

We welcome your association with our school and look forward to working together to make these early years of education a rewarding experience for you and your child.  

Casey Robinson  Principal